Choosing and buying Thai Curry Paste

howto choose Curry pasteThe Thai curry pastes available on the international market represent the very finest quality that Thailand has to offer and showcase in Thai restaurants and Thai shops around the world. RaanThai Thai Supermarket offers a full range of the highest quality export packaged Thai curry pastes and sauces. Whether in a small sachet, a plastic tub, in a vacpak or a glass jar, a full range of sizes and varieties are offered.

Let’s talk about the delicious and popular types of each Thai curry. If talking about taste, in my personal opinion I think curry brand Nittaya tastes better than the other brands. I love cooking and like to try all kinds of dining, no matter what the food I try to eat everything. RaanThai Supermarket recently conducted Thai food cooking demonstrations for customers. During feedback, Nittaya brand was found to exceed expectations. Customers who came back and asked for this brand said they would not use another brand again (no, I do not receive commission).

Of course there are many other Thai curry brands which produce great results in the cooking of Thai food without having to pay the premium prices of Nittaya.Nittaya Curry

(Nittaya Brand)

The next brand is Mae Ploy.

This is the next most popular Thai curry paste after Nittaya with Thai restaurants and housewives, and usually retails at about half the price. Mae Sri brand Thai curry paste are an excellent choice for those looking for a paste which contains no animal products (shrimp paste, fish sauce, etc.), and is ideal for preparing Thai vegetarian food dishes. This particular brand is also confirmed to contain no MSG.

For those who don’t cook Thai curry or Thai food too often, and just need Thai curry paste in small amounts, then Lobo brand

Yellow paste Lobohas a very good range of 50g sachets which are ideal for a 3-4 serving curry. Raanthai have recently introduced Nittaya brand curry in 50g sachets as well – a good opportunity to sample this brand.

Hope the above information will help you a little in choosing your curry paste, and lead to the creation of some fantastically authentic Thai food dishes.

If you visit “RaanThai : Thai Supermarket in the UK”, either online or instore, you will see the Thai curry section, which contains, not only a range of Thai curry brands, but within those brands a full range of Thai curry varieties, Red, Green, Massaman, etc. We will discuss these in a later piece.

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